Below you will find a complete list of all the various radios, radiograms, etc, (and a few TVs – see bottom of the list) that L McMichael Ltd and subsequently McMichael Radio Ltd produced between 1920 and 1955. As you can see, there are a few unknowns, particularly the dates in the 1920s, so that I would be very grateful for any information which would help to fill in the gaps.

To get some idea of batch quantities, dates and survival rates, I have been recording serial numbers of as many sets as possible – I have collected over 900 so far. I would be very pleased if you could e-mail me the serial number of any sets that you might have.

I haven't given descriptions of the various sets, as most people know what it is that they have… However, if you have a model that is proving to be difficult to identify, please send me whatever details that you can, together with a photo or sketch if possible, and I'll do what I can to tell you what it is, and what servicing information, etc is available for it.


1920s radios

192-Crystal Set192-Single Valve Set
192-MH.BR.HF192-Loop Aerial
1925/77 Valve Superhet1926/7Supersonic Unit
192-Dimic Three1927Dimic Four
1928Screened Dimic Three19285 Valve Portable
1928Dimic Three1929HT & LT Mains Unit
1929Mains Screened Dimic Three1929Super Range Portable Four (1)
1929Super Screened Portable Four1929Super Range Four
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1930-34 radios

1930Mains Three1930Super Range Portable Four (2)
1930Radio Filter1930Battery Three
1930Wave Trap for Portables1930M.H.R.K. Loudspeaker
1930/1Mains Three1930/1Battery Three
1931/4Colonial Supersonic Four1931Moving Coil Mains Receiver
1931Super Range Portable Four (3)1931Radio Gramophone
1932Duplex Four Type C1932Duplex Four Type S
1932Duplex Mains Four1932Twin Speaker Radiogram
1933Duplex Four Type CMC1933Duplex Four Type SMC
1933Duplex Four Type CF1933Duplex Four Type DS
1933Duplex Super Five (1)1933Duplex Super Five (2)
1933Twin Supervox1933DC Twin Supervox
1933Twin Supervox AVC1933Lodex Five
1934AC Superhet1934Twin Speaker Superhet
1934Superhet Mains Transportable1934Duplex Transportable Class B
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1935-39 radios

1935/6Model 1351935Model 235
1935Model 3351935Model 435
1935Model 5351936Model 135U
1936Model 3611936Model 362
1936Model 362C1936Model 363
1936Model 3641936Model 365
1936Model 3661936/7Model 367
1936Model 3681936Model 369
1937Model 1371937Model 137U
1937Model 3711937Model 371U
1937Model 3721937Model 373
1937Model 3741937Model 375
1937Model 3781937Model 401
1937Model 401U1938Model 138
1938Model 3801938Model 380U
1938Model 3811938Model 382
1938Model 3851938Model 386
1938Model 3871938Model 388
1938Model 3891938Model 802
1938Model 8031938/9Model 808
1939Model 3901939Model 391
1939Model 3931939Model 394
1939Model 3961939Model 398
1939Model 3991939Model 903
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1940s radios

1944Wartime Civilian Receiver1945Model 451
1946Model 451SB1945Model 452
1946Model 4631947Model 471
1947Model 471U1947Model 472
1947Model 472U1947Model 475
1947Model 476C1948Model 481
1948Model 481U1948Model 482
1948Model 482U1948Model 483
1948Model 4841948Model 485
1948Model 4861948Model 487
1948Model 4881948Model DL1
1948Model DL21949Model 491
1949Model 491U1949Model 492
1949Model 4931949Model 494
1949Model 4951949Model 498 (Twin Supervox)
1949Record Reproducer  
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1950s radios

1950Model 5011950Model 502
1950Model 5051950Model 508 (U)
1950Model 50XT1951Model 151
1951Model 2511951Model 551
1951Model 851U1952Model 352 (Batman)
1953Model 1531953Model 553
1953Model 853 (U)1953Model 535 (Clubman)
1954Model 1541954Model 354
1954Model 5541954Model 545
1954Model 854 (U)1954Model TT4
1954Model 1011954Model 102
1954Model 1041955Model 155
1955Model 2551955Model 555
1955Model 855 (U)1955Model FM55
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1936-39Model 800TTV development is mentioned in the blue McM history booklet. The book "Historic Televisions and Video Recorders" by Michael Bennet-Levy refers to a pre-war 10" model costing £63-0-0 which may well be the model 800T.
1948Model DL1some fitted with TVs - or were these just protoypes?
1948Radiovision12" TV & radio console
1949Model 909 SCBookshelf 9" TV
1949Model 91212" TV with legs
1951Model TM5112" TV
1951Model 51212" TV table?
1951Model 512RV or 512R12" TV & radio console
1952Model TM5212" TV
1952Model C5212" TV console
1952Model CR52 or C52R12" TV & radio console
[1952Model 112broadcast unit for CR52 – not sure if this had a separate number]
1953Model TM5314" TV
1953Model C5314" TV console
1953Model CR5314" TV & radio console
1953Model TM31717" TV
1953Model C31717" TV console
1953Model CR31717" TV & radio console
[1953Model 113broadcast unit for CR53 & CR317]
1954Model TM54A14"? TV
1954Model TM54B14"? TV
1954Model C54/54A14"? TV console
1954Model CR54/54A14"? TV & radio console
1954Model TM417A17" TV
1954Model C417/417A17" TV console
1954Model CR417/417A17" TV & radio console
[1954Model 114broadcast unit for CR54 & CR417]